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Ambitious Real Estate Agent Wanted Now!

Could you be the great selling partner we're seeking to help us here at RE/MAX TITANIUM to handle all of the buyers and sellers that we can’t get to? Here's what we have for you

Award Winning RE/MAX TITANIUM Real Estate Team buried with far too many buyers and sellers needs very ambitious, people-friendly agents that can handle these OPPORTUNITIES. 

My team and I are keeping busy because we’ve just got too many buyers and sellers to get to.  With our Proprietary systems these are not just any buyers and sellers --- these prospects are buying and selling and wanting to move now.  We simply have more than my team and I can handle.  I know this sounds crazy to most agents, but I can assure you this is absolutely the case! Our System tells us what they want, when they want it, where they want it and if they are pre-approved and ready to go!

Are you paying your Broker $30k, $40k, $50k, $60,000 or more every year for your High Pay Out? I was at one time until I paid attention to it. Have you looked at your numbers? Most agents do not realize what their business is costing them. 

At RE/MAX TITANIUM our pay outs start at a true 70% and go up to 90%. Sounds crazy right? Come see for yourself. 

At RE/MAX TITANIUM this would never happen to you. Our Agents choose the pay plan that works best for their business. There are No Transaction fees, No 5%-or 6% coming out of every deal, No Caps to meet, No Franchise fees, No Referral fees on leads and you get paid at closing. What would you do with all of that extra money? You owe it to yourself to see why agents are moving over to RE/MAX TITANIUM.

Are you caught up in the latest scheme by your Broker and the Real Estate industry?

You know, the one where you:
1. Pay HUGE fees to work there and get nothing for it
2. Do all your own lead generation
3. Pay for your own marketing
4. Call all the leads...COLD
5. Drag around the buyers like a taxi
6. Get no training because your Broker has to recruit all day 

Can you help these motivated prospects?

Are you somebody who’s superb at handling buyers and sellers and have fantastic follow up skills… a loyal, hardworking type person who would rather spend their time selling rather than cold-calling or manual grunt prospecting?  Are you the kind of agent who would prefer to have leads and appointments given to them that are pre-screened and have already been followed-up with, buying and selling at higher price points than worrying about where your next closing is going to come from?  Do you like the idea of earning $100,000 to $150,000 in net commission income like the other agents on my team do? If so, then you just might be the great sales partner we’re looking for.

Here's what out agents are saying:

I love working with RE/MAX Titanium so much so that I thought I would take a moment to share with all of you. First and foremost, I wouldn't be an agent if it wasn't for Darlene & Steve, I'm so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. Through their tremendous support, love, and encouragement I've gained the vital knowledge that it takes to serve our buyers and sellers in a professional manner while at the same time making it so their experience is enjoyable. Secondly, I get the honor of working with some of the brightest stars in the real estate world. Working behind the RE/MAX brand is an honor, but coupled with that our team of superstars are always there for guidance and are willing to work as a team supporting one another. With all that being said RE/MAX Titanium isn't just any old broker, they’re my family. Thanks guys Jackie

Darlene and Steve

I just wanted to say thank you for your incredible support. I have only been on the Titanium Team for 3 weeks now, but I have received more coaching, business building instruction, tools and encouragement than in the last 5 years combined! I am so excited to be a Remax Titanium agent, but more than that, what you have created is beyond what just the Remax brand offers. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking so much time with me, I have not been disappointed on the move and I so appreciate Darlene’s incredible, and infectious attitude- I am soaking it all in and am so proud to be a part of your amazing team! Ashley

In Fact, We Guarantee That You Will Make and Keep At Least $25,000.00 More Over the Next 12 Months    – Steve Misciagno

The number to call is 352-396-0734 and Ask for Darlene.  You can also Visit www.HighLevelRECareer.com to see why you need to build your business at RE/MAX TITANIUM

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